Mark Tronson

Press Service International

Dr Mark Tronson  -  a 4 min video

Chairman – Well-Being Australia

Baptist Minister 45 years

  • 1984  -  Australian cricket team chaplain 17 years (Ret)
  • 2001  -  Life After Cricket (18 years Ret)
  • 2009 -   Olympic Ministry Medal – presented by Carl Lewis
  • 2019  -  The Gutenberg  -  (ARPA Christian Media premier award)  

Gutenberg video  -  2min 14sec

Married to Delma for 45 years with 4 children and 6 grand children

  • Young Writers ‘BEST’ article

    At the end of Cycle 5 in July, the half way point of the 2022 Press Service International (PSI) young writer program in conjunction with Christian Today, each young writer selects their ‘BEST’ article.

  • Islamism - last week’s alert  

    Last week, yes, only last week, there were several commentaries on the ugly side of Islamist scourge and the current fear of a resurgence.

  • Table tennis table to CYC – 75th anniversary

    CYC Burleigh (Gold Coast) in 2022 is celebrating their 75th anniversary and it was befitting to donate the 30 year pre-loved Well-Being Australia table tennis table.

  • The Bible in NZ

    This article features New Zealanders and the Bible.

  • The art of the politic

    Engaging in some research from a previous article, I found this piece from some years ago how playing politics 'can be identified'.

  • Ramon Williams

    This is a tribute to an influential Australian Christian  - Ramon Williams (1931 - ) Christian media distributor. In 2013 The Australasian Religious Press Association took great pleasure in honouring Ramon Williams with a “Special Citation for exceptionally meritorious service to the Christian community, and specifically to Christ".

  • Laguna Quays Respite in Winter   

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions booked in winter.

  • Superannuation – not again

    Federal Election Day is six days away. Yes, superannuation is back in the news. Last week on nation affairs commentator said it was to be ‘$ raised’ after the election.

  • Quotes

  • Heartache and Hope -  Red Shield Appeal  

    Dr Mark Tronson was the Australian cricket team chaplain for 17 years and when he relocated to Tweed Heads on December 2005 he initiated a season of professional art (painting under his historic family name – Tronson du Coudray).