Transformational Christianity

Transformational Christianity

When people “stop believing in God they don't believe in nothing; they believe in anything” are the famous words of GK Chesterton that continue to speak volumes in our post-modern society today..

  • Paternity Test

    Satan goes by a lot of names in the bible: the Devil; Lucifer; the Accuser; our Enemy or Adversary; Angel of Light; Beelzebub; Prince of the Power of the Air; Ruler of the Darkness, and the Father of Lies.

  • Jesus wept.

  • Put me in remembrance

    It is in our human nature to forget.

  • Too blessed to be stressed

    I have heard this term many times, and to be honest, I thought it was a typical Christian cliché. And it still is, but it is a good thing.

  • Pickup time

    The first day of school is usually quite hectic for both parent and child. Neither fully knowing what to expect, the day is usually preoccupied with mixed emotions of joy, excitement, hesitation, anticipation, as well as anxiety of the unknown.

  • The Idol of Church

    When I was a teenager, I had a youth pastor who sat down all the lads in the youth group and had a frank chat to us about how to treat women. The talk could be summed up with “worship the creator, not the creation”.

  • Grand Final Fever

    The AFL grand final is almost here! I’m a Geelong supporter and have seen the mighty Cats play in many grand finals. Sometimes Geelong have been victorious and sometimes they have been vanquished. Any sports fan will ride the highs and lows of the team they follow, they are days of triumph and days of tragedy.

  • Are you really going to eat that!?

    When I first wrote about this topic there were reports across India of a number of fatal lynchings which had taken place. The cause was misinformation, spread with messages on Whatsapp.

  • Two Australias

    Vote yes, vote no. The current marriage debate in Australia has revealed that we live in an age of competing visions of what society should look like.

  • There’s a hole in the world

    Some days you remember exactly where you were on the same day years before. It’s usually a day when something significant occurred in your life or in the world; an incident embedded in your memory that hasn’t lost its impact.

  • Do people really matter?

    I recently sat and watched the sunset over the roofline of my neighbourhood, the repeated brick and mortar jungle I live within. In the shadow of a day drawing closed I pondered and looked on as those around me returned home - mothers, tradesmen, students, businessmen and grandmas. All with their own lives, their own thoughts, and their own stories.