Lovely Lao

Pres Service International Columnist

Lovely Lao is a Sunday school teacher and is involved in children’s ministry at a local church. She is a passionate lover of God and people, especially children. Jesus is her ultimate joy and excitement in life and she is hungry to know and learn more about him. She is also married to a youth pastor who is a man after God’s heart.

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  • What is God telling you to let go?

    Letting go isn’t easy but sometimes it is for our own good. I once thought that letting go is defeat and a sign of lack of faith in Jesus but I realized that holding on to something that’s meant to go would only cause heartaches, confusions and bad cycles in life.

  • Knowing your rights as a child of God

    One of the famous Bible verses in the book of John says, “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name” (John chapter 1 verse 12). How many of us truly understand the power and the massive weight of the Father’s love poured out in these words that we have become His children as we believed in His only Begotten Son?

  • Hungry for love?

    We all want to be loved. It’s like humanity’s preset; a built-in system in every heart that when not met means we won’t function well in this life.

  • You are victorious through Jesus Christ

    Have you ever felt so overcome by situations or people that when you think about facing them, you are suddenly consumed with fear, insecurity or anxiety?