Harrison Bellve

Press Services Internation

Harrison is a 24-year old, raised in a non-Christian family and came to faith at 18. Having worked as a Marketing & Communications Assistant for two years after getting his Bachelor of Communications in 2019, He has swapped his home of New Zealand for Europe after a few months working at a summer Christian camp in Canada. He has a passionate personality which is illustrated in many facets of his life, from writing, to sports, food, friends, family and God. Harrison enjoys exploring and grasping different parts of life and discussing them with others. Chat with Harrison further at: harrisonbellve@gmail.com

  • Repositioned

    I am in a very unique and special place of my life right now. A place of being rather free, halfway across the world with no commitments, be it of the relationship, work, or any other kind.

  • Wherever you go

    The last time you will have read anything from me would have been midway through my Canadian adventures. The rest of the time went amazingly and I was given plenty opportunities to see God work in incredible ways.

  • What’s your faith?

    The past several weeks I have moved from my suburban home in New Zealand to a cabin in the woods of Muskoka, Canada.

  • Love

    What is love? Love can be beautiful, it can be light, warm, selfless, humble contagious and Holy. But it can also be ...

  • The Battle We Win

    As I tend to preface, I wish to not speak for everyone - particularly on the topic of mental health.

  • What is time?

    Time is an intriguing concept. It’s something we’re constantly abiding by, checking on, setting before bed and waking up to in the morning. Time is good. It measures things. It organises us. It is a structure for our lives.

  • God says, “Hello”

    Have you ever wondered what it would actually be like for God to say “Hello” to you? Like actually in front of your face, just saying, “Hello.”

  • We Move

  • Tuning in

    Disabled soundI recently bought myself a new car. A car imported from Japan that has a button in it which reads ‘AUX’. ...

  • Hardships

    I haven’t sat here and written this while I’m happy. I haven’t begun, written and concluded this piece through a time of joy, nor over a week an easy nature.