Harrison Bellve

Press Services Internation

Harrison is a 24-year old, raised in a non-Christian family and came to faith at 18. Having worked as a Marketing & Communications Assistant for two years after getting his Bachelor of Communications in 2019, He has swapped his home of New Zealand for Europe after a few months working at a summer Christian camp in Canada. He has a passionate personality which is illustrated in many facets of his life, from writing, to sports, food, friends, family and God. Harrison enjoys exploring and grasping different parts of life and discussing them with others. Chat with Harrison further at: harrisonbellve@gmail.com

  • Seven Steps Back

    I work with the most behaviourally challenged students at a wonderful Christian secondary school. Compared to other schools in the area, it’s a pretty good standard.

  • Flipped

    Comfort can be so uncomfortable and uncertainty so tiring - would you agree?

  • His Way

    Often we hear about His way and how His way is greater than our own. But I think that we can often get caught up in our way of His way.

  • Splitting at the post

    How much do you have?

  • A Ticket for Two

    I can’t stand crying babies. Crying children. I just can’t handle crying.

  • He is Good

    When I reflect on my time at University, I feel quite satisfied with how I spent it. I wasn’t overly concerned with my grades and consistently sought new experiences with new people.

  • Led Through the Seasons

    Having recently shared these thoughts with a good friend, their response of joy came with the additional comment: “I pray you enjoy this season for however long it lasts.” Truly, I know it was said with love and good intentions - but it got me thinking.

  • Leaning In

    The other night I was ordering takeaways with my housemate and couldn't decide between ordering the Honey Chicken burger or the Buffalo Burger. I’m a proper foodie so deciding between the two was properly painful.

  • The Present is Now

    I’ve written previously about time from a perplexed place questioning its concept. I simply wondered how it applied to and impacted the lives of others.

  • You're Art

    Do you know who you are?