Don’t try to be happy

Don’t try to be happy

I was recently asked by someone whether it was possible to be really happy. This question sparked a conversation about the difference between happiness and contentment..

  • 1st class train travel

    In my 'all thing rail' archive I noticed a article whether it is worth the extra cost going 1st Class on Euro Rail. It's a very interesting article and well worth a read. But what about Australia's rail 1st Class trains journeys.

  • Finding home

    Oh, my goodness! Is it him? No, it can’t be. How on earth can it be?

  • Abandoning the binary paradigm

    More than a decade ago I read a paper that came from a women’s conference in Beijing.

  • Why do they do it ?

  • Wisdom’s call

    Over the past few weeks I have been working through The Passion Translation of the book of Proverbs.

  • What is at stake - awful consequences

    Some times ago there was a story in the Sydney Morning Herald written by Eamonn Duff titled 'Police investigate frolicking child' and sub-titled 'A family is shattered after an innocent outing turned sour'.

  • God’s sense of humor

    When I was younger, my understanding of God was blurred. I never quite understood people’s desire to follow Him. We often had little street sermons (crusades), on the road and every man or woman ministering was a type of John, the Baptist- preaching the preparation of the way for THE ONE to come.

  • Something to broadcast - the Resurrection

    Christians have a specific focus on the death of Jesus on the Cross at Calvary which leads us into an unknown world followed by the resurrection which brings hope and assurance.

  • When asking for forgiveness is hard…

    The older I get, the more difficult it is for me to ask for forgiveness or simply apologize. I have noticed that I take pride in the decisions I am making and as long as my stand is “right”, I am in the position to fight - even if it hurts someone.

  • The Importance of Listening to the Holy Spirit

    What will you do when the inevitable comes knocking at your door?

  • Falling in love with God

    Have you ever fallen in love with someone? Isn’t it the best feeling ever in this world? The moment your heart beats towards someone, you instantly forget about the pains of the past; you forget about your current problems.