The dream of the Abbot of St. Denis

The dream of the Abbot of St. Denis

In the years before our lives became eclipsed by the challenges of this pandemic era, we witnessed the rise of social media activism across platforms; a generation rose to fight for justice..

  • The time for games is over

    At some point in the last hundred years the Western Christian fell victim to a charming yet deceptive narrative.

  • “A woman can’t lead!”

    The Bible seems such a great source of knowledge. It reaches for a scope and scale of things grand and vast and explores the hidden depths of the human psyche. If it weren’t for a few pesky passages, I imagine many more would be reading it.

  • To my fellow Pentecostals, you can pause the worship music

    You can only love God as much as you know him.

  • Comeback of the homemaker

    A recent article claims that a growing number of Generation Y young women are right now or planning to be 'homemakers' and not in any shape or form establishing a career.

  • Animals and judgement: The fate of our furry (and furless) friends

    When I was younger, I frequently wondered what happened to animals when they died.

  • Acknowledging Lordship

    Above all other titles the Lord can be seen as our father, son, friend. The first thing we see the enemy do in Genesis Chapter 3 when he refers to Lord God as just God; is to deny God's lordship, his supremacy, his rulership.

  • Skylit Reflections

    As we hit the turn of winter, the mornings come later and the sunsets sooner. Hitting my morning walk gains more and more of changing colours.

  • Democracy’s Fatal Flaw

    After the world’s first democracy was birthed in Athens 500 BC, its flaws became fatally obvious. Socrates was an inquisitive soul born in Athens and, after becoming a decorated war hero, devoted his life to serving Athens through teaching wisdom.

  • Praying for your pastor

  • Salvation Stories are critical

    During the late 60s and early 70s I was a young man who followed the Lord and engaged in both a busy working life and elite sport. Yet, the most exciting part of my life at that time, was reading and hearing stories of ordinary people finding eternal Salvation in Jesus Christ.

  • Life in the in-between places

    I gave my life to Jesus about 15 years ago, as an adventurous teenager at a Friday night youth service. I learned a lot about how to walk with God from being active in the local church. I also attended many conferences with big time preachers and worship bands.