AIS Chaplain – Special Years

AIS Chaplain – Special Years

AIS Chaplain Peter Nelson writers – extracts from The Peter Nelson Story.

  • This is a turn up – NZ TV

    As a Christian Today daily columnist my nose is into publications of all sorts, not least New Zealand on-line media for a number of reasons.

  • Art ministry on video

    Well-Being Australia has enjoyed an active art ministry initiated way back in 1993 with the construction of the Basil Sellers Art Centre in Moruya, NSW.

  • Why Africa?

    AE founder Michael Cassidy shares his thoughts

  • A snapshot of Africa 2021 – progress and challenges

    Despite significant challenges, and persistent uncertainty, Africa has made extensive progress in recent years.

  • Respite requires constant reflection

    Since 2011 the Laguna Quays Respite facility on the Whitsundays mainland has been available to missionaries and ministers (pastors) for respite and this year, eight years later a second facility was established at Aldinga Beach a little south of Adelaide.

  • Australian young writers

    The Australian young writers program was initiated way back in 2009 when Christian Today editor David Chang and Australian cricket chaplain Dr Mark Tronson put their heads together. 

  • Mission writers a fresh highlight

    There are now four ‘mission’ writers on the Press Service International team being published in Christian Today.

  • Maternity at Milne

    Maternal health in Uganda, and at AE’s Milne Medical Centre

  • Mission respite on heart of Well-Being Australia

    Within the orbit of Well-Being Australia are three respite facilities for missionaries, home mission, chaplains, pastors, church professional personnel…

  • Man on a mission

    Profile of a missionary - Getting to know Stephen Mbogo, International CEO of African Enterprise

  • Marketers pay millions  

    Yes, marketers are in the business of providing research and will steer manufacturers in the right direction in their product range. What young people think on a wide variety of subject is what they’re about.