Phil Hall

Press Service International

Phillip Hall has been too long in Melbourne to see AFL in the same light as those back in Fremantle. East Fremantle born and bred, he would love to see the Dockers back in the eight. But would settle for just beating West Coast twice a year.

  • Christmas in July, Easter in September?

    The Liturgical calendar was made and crafted for the Northern Hemisphere. Easter is set to Spring the period of new growth. However in the southern hemisphere all the signs for Easter are not there. It is Autumn, Spring is months away. Why do I never hear anyone asking for change?

  • Got Skin In The Game

    I recently told a friend that the IPL does not interest me at all. My actual words were. “I have no skin in the game.” IPL is big for my friend because there is a team from his home town. I understand that, especially when it comes to the AFL.

  • I like it: Graffiti

    You probably dislike Graffiti. Maybe you do not. It certainly adds something to an urban setting. What that something is depends on your personal preference. Art is subjective, we are all making individual judgements on each piece we see. Why you make the judgement you make, now that is interesting.

  • Easter and The Batman

    The Batman is back in the cinemas. Yeah there’s action and its Batman. Lots of tie ins with fast food restaurants. Toys all over the place. But, I thought I saw an Easter reference. Not an Easter egg and Easter reference.

  • Woori Yallock Dawn

    Back again with another “I Like This!” 

  • Suns rise in the West

    The first round of AFL is done. Eight games over five days. Crowds were down. But you could still go to a game if wanted to. Though the only way to watch them all was on the introduced animal network. Which I did, with the exception of one.

  • Sound is an Art Form

    What is the biggest collaborative art form of the past fifty years? Its the visual arts of movies and television and its amazing. Whole universes are created for an hour or three. Just to tell a simple tale. Ok sometimes its not just a simple tale. Sometimes it is the narrative of an entire generation.

  • The Future of Batman is Lego

    The 3rd of March is the release date for Director Matt Reeves “The Batman” movie. It will be the seventh Batman movie. Fans are locked in positions of distrust, disgust and dismissiveness. Not merely due to a three hour runtime. After seven Batman movies what could this one do that requires almost three hours of screen time?

  • Why not give it a go? It’s just Art.

    Art is a consumable. You get symbols, images, logos, all around us. It has been argued that symbols are core to being human, tied directly to our cultures and lives. Through the mass media and on towards the internet and immersive technologies we have a myriad of styles and ways to consume art. But do you have to like all of it?

  • To Err is Human, To MyCricket is Sublime

    At the highest level Cricket has people like the ABC’s resident stats champion Ric Finlay. That Ric can score and ...