Katelin Staples

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Katelin Staples is from Gladstone, Queensland. By day Katelin is employed as a proofreader. Katelin has a passion for discovering the deep things of God and how they affect the world around us.

  • The Genealogy of Adam

    When you open your Bible to the book of Genesis, one of the first things you may notice is how many genealogies there are in it. The genealogies of chapters 4, 5, 10 and 11 are particularly interesting, most especially the genealogy in chapter 5.

  • The love of God

    Have you ever wondered about the love of God. Have you ever tried to wrap your head around it? Ever tried to break it down into ‘bite-sized chunks’ so that you can (try to) grasp it? I have

  • Is prepping biblical?

    We live in a time of likelyunparalleled uncertainty. Perhaps because of this, the phenomenon of “prepping” has grown all around the world. This has led to some who identify as being Christian to take up prepping.

  • Is China Gearing for War?

  • The rise of the super soldiers

  • The origins and dangers of Halloween

    For many centuries now a festival has been celebrated. This festival (which was found primarily in the Celtic lands of Ireland, Scotland, England, and Northern France) has, in more recent years, been weaseling its way into other nations around the world.

  • The man in white

    An interesting phenomenon has been occurring quite regularly in the Muslim world for several decades now.

  • The tongue and its power

    What can we say about the tongue and its power beyond what we can find through observation of the physical? If we are to answer this question as best we can, we must first observe what God Himself says about this organ of our body and its proper usage.

  • The UFO phenomenon: It’s time to wake up and smell the ozone

    If the statistics are to be believed there are more American adults who believe in extraterrestrials and say extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, than believe in God as He has revealed Himself to us in the Bible.

  • Today’s technologies, tomorrow’s monsters

    In August, 2019 news broke that scientists had created the first known human-monkey chimeras.